Understanding The Registry On Windows

Editing the Windows registry is a great way to open up numerous possibilities. However, there are some reliable registry-editing programs out there that are absolutely worth using.

Serves as an archive for collecting and storing configuration settings. Now, anyone who has the file .Reg file can make these registry tweaks by double clicking the file and selecting Yes if prompted. If you want to modify more than just a single key or value with your .Reg file, you’ll need to modify it with a text editor.

You can also disable Windows File History entirely by pressing the Stop using this drive option in the Backup options menu. This will remove your current Windows file backup drive, therefore disabling the feature entirely.

To edit a Windows registry offline, you must first book into WinRE and open the command prompt from there. To do that, you have a couple of different ways depending on if you can get into Windows now and if you have Windows installation media or not. One popular way to edit the Windows registry is to use the Regedit utility. This utility is a graphical registry editor that typically allows you to edit the Windows registry while it’s in use. But, you can also use Regedit to edit an offline registry.

  • While this is a pretty simplified description of the WinSxS folder, the general idea I want to convey is the WinSxS folder can grow so large that it takes up a good chunk of hard disk space.
  • The name of the current selected key appears in the status bar.
  • The most recommended procedure to edit the registry is to use the built-in registry editor from Windows.
  • If you don’t use iCloud Photos, your Camera Roll is part of your iCloud Backup.

Keys are referenced with a syntax msvcp140.dll similar to Windows’ path names, using backslashes to indicate levels of hierarchy. Each subkey has a mandatory name, which is a non-empty string that cannot contain any backslash or null character, and whose letter case is insignificant. Most often, this information appears to refer to programs or applications installed via a Microsoft Installer file. This command will delete the Obsolete key and all subkeys under it on the local computer. In all of the preceding Reg Delete command examples, you will be prompted to confirm deletion of Registry entries.

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Windows 8 – Open the Start screen and type run, or find Run in the All Apps list. Regedit.exe process in Windows Task ManagerThe process known as Registry Editor belongs to software Microsoft Windows Operating System by Microsoft (). Always remember that the registry in Window is a crucial for your system. If it were not so important, there wouldn’t be so many tools available to help you “clean” it. Not all registry cleaners are what they say they are. If you plan to use such a tool, make sure you use a reputable one like CCleaner. If you mess anything up while making this change, simply double click the exported file to reset the changes you made.

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Open the Windows Registry and navigate to the branch you want to back up. Right-click and select “Export” from the context menu. Save the registry key in a location where you cannot accidentally delete it. If the select branch has subkeys, they will also be saved. To create a new registry key, right-click on the parent key in the left pane and select the New → Key command from the context menu.

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Once you launch Disk Cleanup, if you have more than one hard disk in your system, you’ll be prompted to select drive C. Disk Cleanup will begin to analyze the files on your hard disk to determine what can be safely removed .

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