The band has been described as follows: 

“Seattle’s Dogstrum fucking throws down. Their new single, “Ticket Master”, has all the ruckus energy of a nightclub on fire. Crunchy guitars pair with powerful vocals for some seriously stellar rock n roll.” ‘7 Rad Rock Singles’ 

“Dogstrum reminds me of bands on Hype! (Grunge documentary) and stuff from my school years, somewhat distanced from, that I’d missed out on. The sound makes one cozy. They play longer, and louder, and sound more like a grumpy smurf, and don’t require a VHS player!” 
-Dale Anderson 

“Dogstrum delivers music that flexes between grungy garage and the well ordered lawn of rock ‘n’ roll, that in whatever guise pummels lumps out of the plaster as the pulverizing bass jackhammers the room whilst mewling guitar claws at the arms and percussion flies like a scalded cat which is all brought to context by a growling blues-rock vocal.”

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